Vermouth is a wine that has been aromatized with roots, herbs and spices and then fortified with brandy. Vermouth is often used sparingly in cocktails as few are worth drinking on their own. Yet a well-made vermouth is the perfect aperitif before dinner and can be the foundation of a low alcohol refresher on a warm day.

Sidewinder Spirits has redefined American vermouth by crafting with purpose.  We make wines purposefully for both the vermouth base and the wine we distill to brandy, for our vermouths.  The hand integration of these unique yet complementary components, with the finest botanicals we could procure, has created a vermouth rich in perfume and characteristic of our new classics.  It’s the first Livermore Valley vermouth in over half a century.

Believing our wine is the most important element in a fine vermouth, we use only our Occasio Sauvignon Blanc.  No bulk wine here, only the award winning, Occasio single varietal bottling.

We compose our vermouths with our proprietary selection of roots, herbs, spices and barks, all of which are cold extracted to give the cleanest expression of their essential oils. We begin with bittering agents, which refresh the palate and balance the sweetness of the other botanicals. Next, we build the aromas, starting with the base notes that will form the foundation. Following are the middle notes – lavender, orange peel, chamomile, and orris root are just a few of the botanicals that we use. Lastly, we build the top note fragrances that are the first to reach our nose. These essential top notes, which form our initial impressions of the vermouth, include coriander, rosemary, and grapefruit, among others.

Sidewinder vermouths are elegant and balanced.  Perfect alone, over ice as an aperitif or as a foundation of a classic cocktail.