Sweet Vermouth – Winder & Bow

Our Occasio Sauvignon Blanc serves as the base of this vermouth, enlivened with 14 botanicals.  Quite different, but equally as elegant, as our Stem & Crown Dry Vermouth.

Forgoing wormwood, Winder & Bow is balanced by the judicious use of Cinchona and Anglelica – a beguiling and refreshing wine unlike most sweet vermouth on the market.

Tasting Note: Traces of cinnamon, coriander and fresh ginger coax aromas of sweet orange and grapefruit.

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Dry Vermouth – Stem & Crown

A cold extraction of eleven exotic herbs, roots and spices creates the ultimate dry vermouth.  Occasio Sauvignon Blanc acts as our base wine, creating an elevated canvas on which to draw forward lifted flavors of our proprietary botanical blend.

We use bittering agents such as Artemisia Absinthium (wormwood) and Angelica root, over base notes, middle and elevated top notes, all brought forward with carefully chosen botanicals.

Absolutely delightful over ice.

Tasting Note: Base and middle notes of vanilla and thyme mingle with hints of orange on the nose.

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