Dry Gin

A proprietary distillation of 16 botanicals, we use an unusual blend of juniper berries selected to give Sidewinder Dry its distinct juniper nose.

  • Italian.  Italy supplies most of the culinary juniper used in gin.  Its aromatic profile is rich in pinene, which gives the resinous, piney profile to the gin.
  • Albanian.  This juniper adds citrusy elements to the blend, lifting and freshening the forest aromas.
  • Turkish Red.  Hand foraged in the Taurus Mountains, this rare variety is more herbaceous in character than are the other junipers.  Red juniper adds hints of cranberry to Sidewinder Dry.

Profile:  juniper, citrus, herbal, dry, crisp

Key botanicals: Turkish Red Juniper, Albanian Juniper

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Tasting note:   A distinctive juniper nose lifted by citrusy and herbal elements.

Botanical Gin

Our elegant botanical blend, featuring nine carefully curated botanicals.

  • Rosa Centifolia.  Known affectionately as the “100 petals” Rose, this is the famous rose of Grasse, France, home to perfumery.  Using thousands of blossoms, our botanical blend benefits from the hedonistic character of this special flower, but subtly so.  This comprises the top note of the gin.
  • Citrus.  We hand peel the zest of both sweet oranges and lemons, where the aromatic oils sit.  A bouquet of citrus imparts the middle notes to the gin.
  • Cucumber.  We use cold water extraction of peeled cucumber, creating what we like to refer in the distillation process as the largest pitcher of refreshing spa water. It is this extraction that brings our gin to the bottled proof.
  • Lavender.  This dreamy botanical, coupled with the cucumber, comprise the base notes of the gin.

Profile: floral, citrus, herbal, smooth

Key botanicals: Rosa Centifolia, sweet orange, lemon, cucumber, lavender

Tasting note: A summer trip to the south of France – an aromatic experience of floral kissed citrus, contributing to a smooth and incredibly moreish spirit.  In crafting this gin, we sampled against the world’s best gins and, we feel, offered something that was missing.  And that, is our secret…

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Barrel Rested Gin

An aromatically complex gin, best described with the hierarchy of a fine perfume.

  • Lifted top note of fresh orange peel
  • Supportive middle notes of cinnamon and green cardamom
  • Base notes of Earl Grey Tea and Vanilla

Profile:  citrus, spicy, smooth

Key botanicals: Orange peel, cardamom

Tasting note:   The subtle note of oil of bergamot provides a unique underpinning to the assemblage of orange and cinnamon.  The vanilla note provides a richness and a gorgeous balance.

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