Pushing Boundaries: Our Journey to a Rare Triple Malt Bourbon

At Sidewinder, we’re always pioneering new frontiers in whiskey craftsmanship. Our latest venture? A first-of-its-kind triple malt bourbon, meaning all three grains – corn, rye, and barley – are floor malted before entering the mash. This complex process promises to unlock entirely new dimensions of flavor.

We know many of you are eager to dive deeper into whiskey production. Let’s demystify some key terms. The mash bill is the whiskey’s grain recipe – its genetic code dictating the final product’s character. The mash brings those grains to life, extracting fermentable sugars through steeping in hot water. And the wort is the sweet liquid that results, ready for yeast to transform into alcohol.

So where does malting come in? Malt provides the enzymes that convert starch into fermentable sugar, creating a more flavorful wort. It’s a meticulous process of germinating and drying grains to unlock their inner complexity.

That brings us to our triple malt milestone. Thanks to our partners at Admiral Maltings, we now have access to the first floor-malted dent corn in California, grown on Victoria Island in the fertile California Delta. When combined with their floor-malted rye and barley in our mash bills, it unlocks astonishing depth and nuance.

From raw Californian grains to the first sip of bourbon, we take pride in shepherding every step. Follow our journey on social media as we ferment and distill this rare triple malt bourbon. When innovation meets passion, there’s no telling what heights we can reach. This bourbon represents our relentless pursuit of the extraordinary. Stay tuned for what’s next on the frontier of flavor!