Best in Show

In developing our Sidewinder packaging, we put a lot of careful thought into how we would create a natural and authentic tie-in, with our winery, Occasio.

We settled on another form of the pocket watch, the Sidewinder, and as they say, the rest is carefully calibrated history.

Our label printer loved our packaging as much as we did and entered our label into a prestigious competition, which we were thrilled to win both the “Best in Show” and “Marketing/End-Uses Group Winner” at the 38th Finat Label Awards, held in The Hague.

According to the published results, the judges were impressed by the aesthetic appeal of the label and the varying degrees of embossing and varnishing which add depth to the end result.  A very fine black halftone image is used to create an agin effect around the embossing.  The complexity of the die cutting especially around the watch winder was very clever.  The final label has the feel and look of a silver metallic label.

Thanks guys – means the world to us!